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Dear Customer,

We would like to bring to your attention that due to the latest Microsoft’s changes in the implementation in the RDP Protocol delivered with Microsoft Windows Creators Update, the use-case scenarios involving Balabit Shell Control Box and usage of Remote Desktop Gateway (formerly known as Terminal Services Gateway) will experience connectivity issues.

Affected systems: all enterprise infrastructure that use Windows 10 client machines, plans or has installed the latest Creators Update patches and audits its RDP traffic with Balabit Shell Control Box through RDG/TSGW. Native RDP connections are not affected.

Effect: after applying the update by Microsoft, no RDP connections can be established through SCB.

Workaround: No global workarounds are known yet. We are in touch with Microsoft to identify one.

Timeline, action plan: Currently, we are investigating the issue and we will provide update on any identified workarounds and on the delivery of the fix as soon as any further information is available.

Advice: In the meantime, we advise to postpone the rollout of the Creator’s Update in your inftastructure until a workaround is identified or a release of a fully compatible SCB version is installed. If you have already applied the update and experience the connection issues, please report the incident and we shall try to identify any environment specific workarounds. If you have any questions regarding the case, please do not hesitate to turn to us.

Apologies for the inconvinience.

 Balabit Support

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Shell Control Box (5.0.0a) has been released
Posted by Emese Bonnyai on 2017 June 15 12:09

Dear Customers,


A new maintenance version of Shell Control Box (5.0.0a) has been released.

The release contains corrections of the following issues compared to 5.0.0:

    SCB-13685 - Failed upgrade from 4.3.4 to 5.0.0 with large metadb
    SCB-13681 - On heavily loaded appliance may fail the connection setup.


The firmwares and other files of Shell Control Box are available at:

Best regards,


Support Team

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National Holiday on the 5th of June
Posted by Dávid Szécsényi on 2017 June 01 14:22

Dear Customer,

Due to national holiday (Pentecost) our office will be closed on the 5th of June (Monday).

Depending on your support package we provide on call duty to handle critical issues during non-working days as well.

Our support will respond to such request reported in this tool or over the phone.

Best regards,

BalaBit Support Team

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Shell Control Box 5 LTS has been released
Posted by Dávid Szécsényi on 2017 May 26 14:48

Dear Customers,


A new Long Term Supported version of the Balabit Shell Control Box, SCB 5 LTS has been released. This version is expected to be supported at least for 3 years.

Feature highlights

  • The user interface has received a facelift and now has a more modern look-and-feel
  • External credential store now supports SSH private key checkout
  • RADIUS authentication supports Challenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol method (CHAP)
  • RDP connection policy is manageable via REST
  • Desktop Player 1.0

For details, see the following documents:

Deprecation notice
We plan to deprecate the current Balabit Audit Player in SCB version 5 F1 and the following maintenance release on the LTS release line.

Upgrading to or installing an SCB version 5 LTS requires a new licence.
Customers possessing valid maintenance package at the time of the release can download the new license from the MyBalabit portal:

The firmwares and other files of Shell Control Box are available at:


Best regards,


Balabit Support Team

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Balabit SCB releases addressing the Creator's Update (Redstone 2)
Posted by Kálmán Kővári on 2017 April 11 21:18

Dear Customers,

Microsoft has published the Redstone 2 (Creator's Update) package, which introduces a change in the TSGW (RDG) protocol. Because of that change, all Shell Control Box (SCB) users who apply a TSGW setup will encounter difficulties after the installation of the patches.

To address the issue, Balabit offers the following release updates:

  • SCB 4.0.9a
  • SCB 4.3.3a
  • SCB 4.4.1a

each of these releases contain only the patch that follows up the introduced change since the respective maintenance version.

We strongly encourage all Customers using a TSGW setup with SCB to immediately upgrade to the respective update release.

Customers running on custom Engineer Releases (ERs) or hotfixes should contact Balabit Support before upgrading.

The releases are available for download from the usual location:

Official announcement of these releases is expected tomorrow.


Best Regards,
 Balabit Support

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